Ballu UHB-300


ultrasonic, room for up to 40 m2, capacity up to 300 ml/h, reservoir 2.8 l, protection from hard water

Main (Ballu UHB-300)
Power consumption 28 W
Serviced area 40 m2
A method of humidifying ultrasonic
Water tank 2.8 l
The number of generated moisture 300 ml/h
The minimum noise level 35 dB
Control and indication (Ballu UHB-300)
Automatic changeovers
Display low water level
The dome light
Remote control
Humidification (Ballu UHB-300)
Max. supported humidity 60 %
Protection against limescale
Antibacterial protection water
Features (Ballu UHB-300)
Dimensions (Ballu UHB-300)
Weight 1.15 kg
Width 19.8 sm
Length 19.8 sm
Height 28.8 sm
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