Timberk THU UL 09 (LD)


ultrasonic, room for up to 25 m2, capacity up to 180 ml/h, tank 1.8 l, ionization, night mode, protection against hard water

Main (Timberk THU UL 09 (LD))
Power consumption 16 W
Serviced area 25 m2
A method of humidifying ultrasonic
Water tank 1.8 l
The number of generated moisture 180 ml/h
Control and indication (Timberk THU UL 09 (LD))
The dome light
Night mode
Remote control
Humidification (Timberk THU UL 09 (LD))
Water heating
Protection against limescale
Antibacterial protection water
Features (Timberk THU UL 09 (LD))
Trim (Timberk THU UL 09 (LD))
Trim 3 filter cartridge for water purification and softening
Dimensions (Timberk THU UL 09 (LD))
Weight 1.25 kg
Width 24.4 sm
Length 15.5 sm
Height 26 sm
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